// TrueAlert ES

Simplex TrueAlert ES is the new line of intelligent, fully addressable notification appliances from SimplexGrinnell.  We’re the first in the industry to bring the benefits of addressable technology to notification systems. TrueAlert ES is highly flexible, cost-effective and easy to design, install, maintain and expand.  Constant electronic supervision of the notification system and revolutionary self-testing capability help ensure that appliances will work when needed and virtually eliminate tedious after-hours manual testing.

The Simplex TrueStart handheld wiring verification tool enables contractors to test circuits for wiring faults, identify addressing errors during installation, report device counts, types and errors, quickly troubleshoot problems, and reduce commissioning time and total labor costs.

TrueAlert ES notification provides better protection, more value and lower costs for engineers, installing contractors and building owners. Plus, this groundbreaking technology is the latest addition to eServices  -- our suite of remote diagnostics and life-safety system management tools that’s helping us advance safety and security

Saving lives, time and money—that’s TrueAlert ES and notification reinvented.